Strategic Workforce Planning in the Federal Work-Sector


Strategic workforce planning is the cornerstone of business operations. Although the base line principles for accomplishing workforce planning is similar for both private and federal work-sectors, the processes differ in application. The primary differences being, private work-sector organizations are profit driven and the federal work-sector is appropriation driven as established by the United States Congress. This panel will focus on federal specific workforce planning solutions that will provide a modified approach to the private sector, which generally dominates the discussion in public forums.
The discussion will highlight those baseline workforce planning principles and provide recommended strategic workforce planning methodologies, tactics, techniques and best practices that can be applied in a Federal workforce (as well as Private sector). These recommended solutions are designed to address the complex challenges of a 21st century federal workforce i.e. shrinking federal budgets, emerging technologies, cyber-security, age generation, etc. In addition to aid strategic workforce planners in the federal work-sector with bridging those knowledge gaps with delivering an end-to-end workforce planning process within their organizations.
In this panel, join the debate on:

  • The macros workforce challenges that have the biggest strategic workforce planning impact.
  • What are the baseline workforce planning principals that apply to both the private and public sector?
  • How to collaborate to create a sustainable end-to-end workforce planning process.

Disclaimer: The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Internal Revenue Service, or the United States.


Kimbertly A. Jones, MBA, SWP

Federal Government Analytics Expert


Gilbert Camacho

Federal Government Analytics Expert

Shelley Pope-Keitt

Federal Government Analytics Expert

Al Watson

Federal Government Analytics Expert