Trailblazing SWP: Migrating from Best Practice to What Comes Next


Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) has never been easy and the difficulty often leads people to challenge the time investment needed to do it well. SWP exists because throughout human history, we have learned that it takes time to identify and develop the special talents needed to distinguish and preserve an organization.  By more clearly identifying the bond between organizational strategy and people investments, SWP has provided an edge for those who do it right.
Turbulence really just increases the advantages for doing effective resource planning.  Organizations that do not contemplate their need for financial and human resources are by default, abandoning their survival chances to luck and the will of the wisp instead of design.  However, the pace of change is only accelerating and today’s most successful practices may not be enough for the future.  A few visionaries have suggested SWP may be heading into a commodity market for talent. SWP may be displaced by practices commonly found in Craig’s List or Angie’s List, or even short-term mobilization strategies seen in events such as flash mobs.  Could this be the future of SWP? 
This first part of this presentation will review common characteristics of effective SWP as practiced in some of today’s most successful organizations. The second part of this presentation will engage participants in an exploratory dialogue about what comes next.  Lemmings are experts at benchmarking and copying what others are doing.  This session is for trailblazers who are willing to explore new ideas. 
What you will learn:

  • A synopsis of Strategic Workforce Planning current best practices
  • Key questions that executives want and need SWP to answer
  • Insights from the collective wisdom of participants about future SWP directions


Dan L. Ward

Chief Workforce Economist, The MITRE Corporation