The Truth about Technology: An Insider’s Guide to Building a Partnership with IT


Technology is fundamentally changing how companies operate, interact with customers and maintain a competitive advantage – regardless of the company’s market segment.  A recent Forbes article about technology said, “It’s not just that technology is moving faster, the rate of change is actually accelerating and that alters the logic by which we need to operate.  Our intuition and experience lead us to assume a much slower pace.”
Keeping an internal IT organization skilled and its workforce enabled is a daunting task amidst a rapidly changing technology environment.  Building an enduring partnership with IT requires a new level of understanding of technical business needs and a new level of creativity in developing technical talent strategies.  Within the Global Technology & Operations division of MetLife, and in partnership with HR, we have created MetLife Technical University as a key hiring differentiator for early-in-career technical talent.  The early business results of the program are exciting and are changing the way we grow and enable technical talent for the entire Global Technology organization.
You will learn:

  • How to understand the business of technology - key IT business drivers
  • How to develop technical talent in a continuously changing environment
  • Lessons learned in acquiring and developing technical talent


Kate Day

Vice President, Global Workforce Enablement, MetLife