The Workforce Planning Imperative

The task of workforce planning is now mandated by OMB memorandum “Managing the Multi-Sector Workforce”.  However, the urgent need of agencies to have a Workforce Planning model in place goes beyond this mandate – it’s a necessity to ensure consistency between business strategy and workforce capabilities.  Due to staffing cutbacks, constantly revolving environmental factors and, rapidly evolving business needs, it is critical to have a solid Strategic Workforce Plan that provides guidance on putting the right people into the right roles and at the right time. Bjorn Rother will share how workforce planning is currently translated at the International Monetary Fund from a timid concept into a reality on the ground that underpins HR policies and programs. He will discuss the substantive issue areas covered in the workforce plan such as skills mix, staff demographics including diversity, mix of appointment types and as importantly, the process for engaging decision makers across the organization on these important themes.

Presented by

Bjorn Rother

Acting Chief, HRD Strategy Unit at the International Monetary Fund and Author of “The Determinants of Currency Crises: A Political Economy Approach”

Michael Wilson

Workforce Planning Implementation Manager, International Monetary Fund