2018 Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference

Evidence-Based Talent Strategy

February 27-March 1, 2018 | Miami, FL

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

1:30-2:10 PM

Concurrent Session

Brett Agypt, Ph.D., Senior Manager, People Analytics, Cox Automotive Inc.
Brian Taylor, Associate Vice President, Global People Analytics, Cox Automotive Inc.
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Ask any HR leader today, and they’ll likely acknowledge the importance of analytics in driving people decisions. Yet when given the opportunity and even the insights themselves, many leaders still struggle to engage and use data to inform their decision-making. And when they do, the impact is often limited to foundational HR initiatives that don’t directly drive the business. This is often due to People Analytics functions developing the necessary infrastructure (tools, technology, skills, data) but struggling to find and seize opportunities to embed in and drive every part of the business beyond HR.

In this session, you will:

  • Understand where you fall on the People Analytics maturity curve, and how best to navigate it for sustainable growth.
  • Learn simple tactics for working through your HR partners to identify new opportunities for impact.
  • See examples of impactful analytics engagements that help the business make data-driven decisions.
2:20-3:00 PM

Concurrent Session

Binderya Enkhbold, Director, HR Strategy and Performance, Verizon
Alyssa Leo, Business Intelligence, Verizon
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Verizon is going through a corporate transformation. During this period of rapid change, Verizon is focused on keeping their high-potential sales team. Verizon’s analytics and planning team has analyzed how to keep this key function performing for the company.   

You will learn:

  • How analytics have to be cored to any corporate transformation.
  • How to remain agile to quickly respond to rapid transformation.
  • How to collaborate across teams for better integration across the company.
Ryan Sarpalius, Global Learning Technology & Operations Manager, Uber
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How do you know you have a skilled and qualified workforce to perform work safely and effectively? This session will show how one large utility focused on quantifying risk, measuring controls and translating a portfolio of mitigations into a comprehensive, multi-year strategy.

 In this session you will…

- Learn how the Skilled & Qualified Workforce model is helping HR drive an enterprise strategy for risk mitigation.

- Learn how PG&E is using data and analytics in its strategy to move from subjective risk assessment to concrete interventions with measurable outcomes.

- Identify strategies for building a sustainable approach to integrating workforce data with line of business technology and processes over a multi-year window.