2018 Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference

Evidence-Based Talent Strategy

February 27-March 1, 2018 | Miami, FL

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KellyOCG®, the Outsourcing and Consulting Group of workforce solutions provider, Kelly® Services, Inc., is the leading global advisor of talent supply chain strategies that enable companies to achieve their business goals by aligning talent strategy to business strategy.  We recognize each client’s goals are unique to their business drivers. Whether your talent requirements are focused on speed, quality, compliance or cost, we apply supply chain management principles to help companies fully leverage talent across all categories:  full-time employees, temporary employees, freelancers, independent contractors, and service providers, as well as alternate sources of workers like retirees, alumni, and online talent communities.

In 2016, KellyOCG was named to the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® Global Outsourcing 100® list, an annual ranking of the world’s best outsourcing service providers and advisors for the fifth consecutive year.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation, visit kellyocg.com.


Our curiosity, the desire to understand, is inseparable from what it means to be human. But, in the hype of big data analytics, we’ve forgotten that data does not equal knowledge.

Visier was founded to focus on what matters: answering the right business questions, even the ones a person might not know to ask. Questions that shape business strategy, provide the impetus for taking action, and drive better business results.

Visier is dedicated to transforming business analytics, to providing leaders with clear answers to critical business questions — out-of-the-box, without the hassle and cost of data management, statements of work, and long and risky development projects.

Visier lets companies say goodbye to data quality problems, to complexity, to costly tools, to endless service fees, and to guesswork. A people strategy platform designed by domain experts for leaders, Visier lets leaders say hello to clarity, to confidence, to meaningful answers — and to better business performance. Say hello to Visier. Outsmart, outperform.

For more information, visit http://www.visier.com.


Burning Glass Technologies is the leader in HR software and data solutions. Our pioneering technologies leverage a deep understanding of people and their careers in order to deliver superior workforce and marketplace insight. We provide real-time insight into the competitive market for talent to inform sourcing strategies. Our patented artificial intelligence engine quantifies the skills and experiences of each worker and learns from actual career patterns to deliver awareness the skills and experiences that lead to successful placement.

With headquarters in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall, Burning Glass serves a client base spanning six continents, including leading recruitment agencies, employers, software companies, job boards, educational institutions, and government agencies.



ManpowerGroup Solutions is the global leader in designing and delivering outcome-based talent-driven solutions that help our clients achieve better business results. ManpowerGroup Solutions’ Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides flexible and scalable recruitment solutions which include anything from sourcing and selection to onboarding. Built upon deep recruitment expertise, our innovative approach ensures the results you need – greater predictability of cost, a more efficient recruiting process, an improved candidate experience and improved talent quality.

Trusted by hundreds of companies in over 30 countries, including several of the Fortune 500, Modo Labs offers an enterprise-scale mobile engagement and communication platform. The powerful product allows customers to quickly and easily create a workplace app that captivates your workforce through dynamic, personalized experiences. By using Modo, our customers quickly unlock innovation and digitally transform their corporate culture, by harnessing the domain skills of any person, across all departments, no matter their technical skill set. Empowered with the tools and the Modo team as your transformation partner, deliver sophisticated mobile experiences with essential information the moment it matters.

Vemo is a proven industry leader providing Workforce Planning and Analytics solutions for over a decade. The Vemo team has a strong proven track record of success, integrating highly complex and disparate data sources. Our implementations are efficient but we also take the necessary time to walk through your specific requirements and ensure our customers can achieve lasting success in their analytic programs. Our extensive predictive analytics capabilities allow companies to view reliable forecasts of their future workforce, evaluate the potential impact of people-related policy decisions, and view the top employee drivers for retention, performance and engagement.  Our easy-to-use solutions ensures users know how to use analytics to effectively manage the business. Our explanatory metrics and ongoing consulting services nurture overall success. Vemo solutions are proven, flexible, sustainable, and effective. 

ZeroedIn Technologies designs workforce intelligence solutions to help clients make better use of their own data. The ZeroedIn workforce intelligence platform combines workforce analytics, strategy mapping, social engagement, and collective listening tools into a single cloud-enabled suite.  Clients use ZeroedIn to:

  • Collect and analyze disparate workforce data to present via public and private dashboards
  • Monitor the health of documented business strategies using a unique scorecard approach
  • Collaborate, annotate, and create a visual context-rich story to share with others
  • Capture and analyze opinion and feedback directly from the workforce using robust survey tools



SOLVE™ Workforce Intelligence Software powered by HCMI

Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI) is a workforce analytics software and services firm that delivers predictive workforce intelligence to help organizations improve business performance, manage workforce costs, and make better investments in human capital. HCMI’s SOLVE™ Workforce Intelligence Software brings together HR, financial and operational data to measure the financial impact of business-critical areas such as workforce productivity, total workforce costs, turnover, retention, leadership, performance and overall human capital ROI. SOLVE™ applies over 600 human capital metrics enabling “what if" predictive modeling through dynamic visuals with deep analytics capabilities.

Humanyze helps companies make more informed people decisions. Born out of the MIT Media Lab, Humanyze uncovers the hidden patterns of digital and face-to-face communication to quantify the people factor in the workplace. Humanyze is committed to helping teams work better together and has the data and science to prove it. Humanyze’s world-leading People Analytics Platform delivers advanced insights and is used by top Fortune 500 companies to answer specific business questions around organizational design, workforce planning, and regulatory compliance.

Our mission is simple: Connect the world’s workforce to empower them in their vocational, professional, and volunteering pursuits. Jobcase provides one place to manage all things job-related, especially access to the knowledge, connections and wisdom of over 70 million other Jobcasers. Jobcase is an industry affiliated partner of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, CSAIL, and Jobcase technology powers over 100 job sites in the Jobcase Network, connecting more than 70 million workers and employers. For more information on Jobcase, visit www.jobcase.com.

PeopleFluent® OrgPublisher streamlines the aggregation, visualization and analysis of critical workforce data. It extracts, organizes and visualizes data from multiple sources—including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, human resource information systems (HRIS), payroll, and applicant tracking systems. Data are displayed in dynamic, hierarchical or matrixed organizational charts, providing deep visibility and insights into team structure and composition. With an intuitive visualization of the organization, employees can better collaborate and communicate with colleagues, making OrgPublisher a valuable tool for enhancing productivity through employee engagement.
PeopleFluent solutions have helped over 5,100 organizations in 214 countries and territories successfully achieve their talent aspirations. Today, 80% of the Fortune 100 relies on PeopleFluent solutions as part of their talent management delivery strategy.

SwoopTalent connects talent data from everywhere and lets you use it however you need it. Swoop uses ML powered algorithms to connect and curate talent data from inside and outside the enterprise – your HRMS, ATS, CRM, business data, social media, even spreadsheets are automatically brought together. The flexible, adaptable technology simplifies talent data management with connected data and seamless integration of your existing systems — delivering efficient, agile talent data that is available to your entire enterprise. SwoopTalent enables their customers to make more data driven decisions, and to be freer in their choices of systems, processes, practices and algorithms, while never losing data, and while using and embedding any of their data wherever they need it. This is Data as a Service (DaaS) for talent, that you can use in Swoop’s visualization and analytics tool, or in your own. www.swooptalent.com

Ultimate Software is a global provider of “People First” cloud solutions. Built with a focus on people, Ultimate’s award-winning UltiPro® delivers solutions for HR, payroll, talent, time, employee surveys, and HR service delivery—all designed to improve the employee experience.

UltiPro Perception® offers a modern way for collecting and understanding feedback and measuring how people truly feel about work, helping organizations enhance the employee experience and improve performance. With UltiPro®’s HR Service Delivery solutions, HR teams can automate manual processes, respond to employee requests, and actively manage employee documents—all within one, unified platform—anytime, anywhere.

Founded in 1990 and based in Weston, Florida, Ultimate supports thousands of customers in diverse industries, managing millions of employees worldwide. Committed to putting people first, Ultimatehas ranked on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For since 2012 and has been named the #1 Best Large Workplace in Technology four years in a row (2016-2019).

Here’s a scary thought: Today, it is easier for employees to find a job at another company than to find one internally.

Yonder solves that. Our software shows your employees teams - across your organization - that fit their interests and work styles. This enables them to see the rich career opportunities in their own backyard.

Yonder is the first to empower employees to stay and grow their careers inside today’s flatter, team-based organizations.