#StorytellingTuesday: Joseph Pulitzer, I'd like you to meet AI

August 2, 2018 | Holly Pennebaker | HCI
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Journalism is regarded as “a noble profession and one of unequalled importance for its influence upon the minds and morals of the people,” according to the Will of Joseph Pulitzer.

Those words, written by the late Pulitzer on April 16, 1904, less than a decade before his death in 1912, would become the catalytic mantra of journalists behind reporting and storytelling excellence.

And that has … what, exactly … to do with today’s HR leaders and top business executives?


The journalism profession provides a platform for unparalleled passion, determination to make a difference and storytelling that gives justice, peace, hope and joy to others. It’s one of the most selfless, reputable hats a professional can wear.

And in today's HR world that's flooded with challenges and change, that same level of passion and drive can do wonders for our global workforce, specifically in learning strategy, leadership development, workforce planning, and doing right by our people. Storytelling is the tool that gives HR leaders the voice, and power, to make a difference in the way we work and bring us all closer to sweet success.

One of the most significant movements to shake things up has been the intrusion of artificial intelligence into our professional lives. It was just under two years ago that humans threw fists at the faces robots on the streets of London when they feared for their jobs.

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As AI keeps turning heads with its ability to perform jobs with max efficiency, perhaps the mystery remains unsolved: When should we use humans and when should we use robots?

As the first webcast in HCI’s #StorytellingTuesday Series, we’re here to provide an answer, and while we’re at it, some peace of mind for those at unrest when it comes to AI: We should use BOTH.

HR professionals say the thought of AI causes mounds of stress because they’re scared a robot might soon fill their seat, no matter what kind of tenure they have under their belts. But actually, fearful employees should welcome AI as a helping hand – when humans and AI work together, business needs are met via the best strategy possible.

Look at it this way: AI might tell you the best route to get from ‘point A’ to ‘point B,’ but you still have to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Your best commute comes from a blend of human touch and the capability of AI.

Join HCI and Principal Analyst Ben Eubanks on Aug. 7 at 3 p.m. EST for the latest report, Blend of AI and humans is the best recipe for learning strategy, and get an exlusive look at how the adoption of AI tools that when paired with people, bolster your business and earn the win.

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