#StorytellingTuesday: The 'people parts’ of communication no robot can replace

August 10, 2018 | Holly Pennebaker | HCI
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In case you haven’t heard, HCI launched a new kind of webcast just days ago, which takes a different approach to sharing information than anything we’ve ever done before.

#StorytellingTuesday is a six-part webcast series that takes you out of the classroom and “on the scene” for an insightful ride.

The handpicked webcast presenters take you through their personal ups and downs, wins and losses and emotion-packed experiences in talent management. By sharing their stories in a journalism fashion – presenting facts first while exhibiting ethics and transparency, professional integrity, sound judgment, and attention to detail – you gain solid information about strategies that worked (and didn’t work) so you can make work better for your organization and your people.

Most recently, Principal Analyst Ben Eubanks helped HR professionals and business leaders understand that instead of fearfully pushing artificial intelligence away, it’s best to welcome AI into organizations. Turns out, when AI blends with irreplaceable human skills, it creates the best formula for solving challenges that HR faces today. We’ve arrived at an era that incorporates AI and humans for the best chances of reaching business success.

We’d be lost without communication when it comes to reaching goals. How many times a day do you ask a colleague for help, for a status update on a project, or even about those sassy shoes she wore to work? A robot cannot do this for you, or at least not yet.

Next, think about the last tough conversation you had to have at the office. As difficult as those conversations can be, the best leaders know the ideal way to have those talks is to have empathy, use the right body language, and even speak with an understanding, yet stern tone of voice. No robots here!

It takes authentic people with confidence and humility to lead uncomfortable conversation and conduct communication in a way that guides their people to greatness.

Karin Hurt and David Dye, authors of “Winning Well: Managing the Art of the Tough Conversation” have found that a balance of people skills like encouragement and impression, and confidence and charisma is the best recipe for a results-driven, difficult conversation to have the most ideal outcome for the business AND the employee.

Join Karin and David on Aug. 28 for the second #StorytellingTuesday webcast, “Winning Well” model helps leaders find confident humility.

You’ll hear their stories about:

  • Conversations that promote coaching and leadership development
  • The teaching of leadership skills and how to make them work
  • The best ways for managers and employees to team up and reach goals

Are you thirsty for more? Join HCI on Sept. 26-28 in Chicago for our Learning and Leadership Development Conference, and learn even more strategies for selecting managers who, out of your entire team, will best drive engagement, collaboration and innovation for your business.