Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS) Certification

The Talent Acquisition Strategist (TAS) Certification
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A New Era of Strategic Impact for Talent Acquisition

In a 2013 Conference Board survey more than 500 global CEOs were asked about their top challenges and concerns in the months and years ahead. Among the top four answers: Human Capital, Innovation and Customer Relationships. None of these are new issues, but taken in sum they should represent both a shot across the bow and an opportunity for the world of strategic talent management. Why? Because what those Chief Executives surely want to know as they walk the halls of their company is, who can help them with these challenges?

Increasingly, the best answer may be found within the Strategic Talent Acquisition function. The High Potentials, Innovators and Customer Service champions of the future are all within the grasp of the best Talent Acquisition Strategists. Through better, more consultative relationships with hiring managers, a strategic view of workforce planning and analytics that lead to business outcomes and mastery of a set of new relationship-building competencies and tools — Talent Acquisition professionals are poised to contribute answers on each of these fronts. First, however, they must move beyond the world of order taking and searching resumes for keywords.

The HCI Talent Acquisition Strategist certification teaches and designates the important new set of skills that Talent Acquisition professionals must possess in order to solve these challenges and position their organization for success. As with all HCI certifications, the program is centered around an instructional model that not only helps in learning the concepts presented, but also applying those lessons on the job. The two-day curriculum drives toward three primary outcomes.

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Move Beyond Order Taking

For decades recruiters have functioned in an environment where their primary role has been to fill job requisitions from hiring managers, perhaps taking enough time to gather some keywords for resume searches or advertisements and then sending a string of applicants through the interview process. This practice is not only inefficient; it is increasingly ineffective in a volatile world of constantly shifting talent needs. This course addresses solutions to breaking this cycle:

  • The key linkage between business strategy and Talent Acquisition strategy.
  • The dynamics of the Intake Meeting — Creating a Partnership with Hiring Managers
  • The new Competencies of Strategic Talent Acquisition

Operate with a Holistic View of Talent Supply

The Talent Acquisition function has always been the output — the action stage of the Strategic Workforce Planning process. However, it can only be effective at that stage if it includes all possible sources of talent. Fifty percent or more of the skilled work performed in many organizations is done by contractors but too few recruiters are prepared to consider and consult on anything except full time hires.  The Talent Acquisition Strategist curriculum examines all sources of talent

  • Build, Buy Borrow — The Key Elements of Sourcing Strategy
  • Talent Pipelines and Strategic Sourcing
  • The Integral Connection between the Employer Value Proposition and Talent Acquisition Strategy

Make Data Driven Decisions

The key to better performance across the Talent Acquisition function is data — but only the right data. Using metrics and analytics that point toward business not HR outcomes, is key to establishing the trusted relationship with hiring managers that will yield the best talent. The effective use of data is also critical to the Talent Acquisition Strategist in areas such as these across their function:

  • Sourcing Channel Effectiveness
  • Projecting Candidate Availability in the Talent Pipeline
  • Tying Metrics to Business Strategy and Applied Talent Acquisition Analytics