Strategic HR Business Partner: A New Certification Program for a New Era in Talent Management

June 5, 2018 | Randi Kenney | HCI
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Historically, HCI’s Strategic HR Business Partner certification program has been one of our most popular courses. Thousands of HR professionals worldwide have completed the certification, boosting their business and financial acumen and learning how to become better strategic partners to the business.

Yet, the role HR should play in driving the business forward continues to evolve. At HCI, we’re always on top of what’s coming next in HR, and our certification programs are no exception.

Late last year, our Talent Pulse research report, Developing Sustainable Strategic HR, revealed that 83% of HR practitioners agree their organizations are in a constant state of change. Priorities and strategies are continually shifting. Along with this environment of constant change, HR professionals are spending far more time on administrative tasks than they would prefer, limiting their ability to focus on business priorities and strategic initiatives. The research also revealed that organizations and HR professionals are more successful in coping with change and becoming more strategic when they understand the business strategy, develop closer integration of HR and organizational processes, and monitor progress and ROI on initiatives that demonstrate HR’s impact on the business.

At HCI, we believe that becoming an HRBP is a crucial milestone for individuals seeking to move forward in their HR careers by becoming strategic advisors to the business. The HRBP serves as a liaison between functional business units and talent management, allowing HR leaders to effectively align talent strategy with business strategy to drive performance.

Our revitalized Strategic HR Business Partner certification program still covers all the foundational knowledge and skills necessary—building business and financial acumen, strategies for engagement and collaboration, and consulting and execution skills. We’ve placed these key skills in an updated context to reflect today’s business world and crafted a new Capability Framework for sHRBP based on the role of strategic HR in today’s workplace.

In addition to a more modern curriculum, the sHRBP experience is built on learning by doing. We want program participants to practice new skills in real time to build confidence and experience, so that they are ready to apply what they’ve learned back on the job.

Did you know more than two thirds of organizations do not provide formal internal HRBP-specific training? They’re also twice as likely to hire HRBPs from outside the organization. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to enroll in sHRBP, now is the time to revisit your professional development plan. Our program is offered online and in-person in major metro areas. We also offer on-site, in-house training for groups of ten or more through our HCI Corporate Training.

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