HCI Corporate Membership

Developing the Talent that Develops Your Talent

As business environments continue to rapidly evolve, the role of those managing and stewarding an organization's talent becomes very significant.  To succeed, HR must upgrade its skills and processes in a wide variety of areas to effectively serve in today's dynamic business environment.  And yet, the HR profession has not had a stellar record in providing developmental opportunities for its own.

HCI Corporate Solutions provides organizations with a comprehensive platform for equipping HR with the skills and capabilities to translate business strategy into business results.  Through HCI Corporate Membership, we enable organizations to elevate critical skills, foster knowledge sharing and drive continuous improvement across all aspects of the talent management lifecycle -- from strategy and planning to retention and performance management...and every step in between.

HCI Corporate Training provides targeted development for teams.  Onsite delivery of HCI certification programs builds knowledge and capabilities in critical talent management areas by offering common language and frameworks that increase learning transfer and support on-the-job application.  HCI certification programs can also be licensed as an enterprise train-the-trainer program.