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Corporate Training

Corporate Training offers core content based on proven models and best practices that can be tailored to meet your team's unique needs. All certification programs use practical frameworks that focus on learning transfer and support on-the-job application.

Classes are delivered to small and large teams, and can be offered on-site or online to meet your team's schedule.

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Certification Programs

Leverage data and people analytics to optimize talent management practices

Drive productivity, empower teams, and support revenue growth with forward-focused coaching strategies

Create a competitive advantage through strategic human capital management

Accelerate leadership readiness and cultivate talent for sustainable future growth

Maximize the performance and potential of your talent to accelerate your business

Build credibility as a HR leader that influences, impacts, and advances your business

Advance your business through a holistic approach to attracting, assessing, and acquiring talent

Forecast and plan the workforce your organization will need to succeed in the future


HCI Faculty members include senior executives and practitioners, business school professors and thought-leading strategists. All are proven experts in the new business science of strategic talent management.

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Jeanne Kerr
Jeanne Kerr
HCI Faculty
David Forman
David Forman
Chief Learning Officer Emeritus, Human Capital Institute (HCI) and author of "Fearless HR"
Bruce Walton
Bruce Walton
HCI Senior Faculty, Walton & Associates
Barbara Goretsky
Barbara Goretsky
HCI Faculty
Glen Kallas
Glen Kallas
HCI Faculty






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