Common Mistakes in Implementing New HR Tech and How To Avoid Them

August 13, 2019 | HR Technology Conference | HCI
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Technology and the promise it has for HR teams is exciting, but it’s something that requires due diligence in selecting the right system and then seeing the project all the way through proper onboarding for it to pay off.

Introducing any type of technology into an organization presents its own set of challenges, ranging from implementation and adoption to cost factors and training. Add to that the daunting task of trying to make sense of the HR technology landscape consisting of literally thousands of choices and it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

But it doesn’t have to be! When embarking on an HR technology initiative, there are some common mistakes several of 2019’s Top 100 HR Tech Influencers see that can be avoided.

According to a recent interview with Steve Boese, the Co-Chair of the annual HR Technology Conference, “One of the most common mistakes HR makes is not taking time to do a really thorough review of the capabilities that they need in any new system. All too often, organizations lean towards what other similar HR departments are using — assuming it will work for them as well. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It can be easy and faster to simply go with the “name brand” HR tech provider, but often an organization’s needs can be better met by a newer or emerging company, or by one that they had not previously considered.”

This is among the top reasons why the HR Tech Conference annually features the Awesome New Technologies for HR session which highlights the newest innovations that are driving the HR technology market forward and that can be implemented in organizations right now. It’s a great way for HR professionals to see what solution providers have developed in the last year through fast-paced, live demonstrations of "awesome" technology.

So, how is it best to go about the discovery phase? The answer is to “Start by engaging your team” said Jackye Clayton, Director of Success of HiringSolved. “Allow the people who will ultimately be tasked with using the software have a voice in choosing what types of technology they need rather than selecting the shiniest new tool”. This is a particularly good point as when it comes to the day to day, your team will be the ones using this technology – so it’s vitally important to involve them from the start.

Once you’ve made your selection, “[f]or the software to ‘stick’ there has to be an onboarding plan that is reinforced by management, functionality that drives efficiency for the business while allows for gradual change and learning for the users,” according to Clayton.

When it comes to getting your team on board with exploring new HR technologies, Steve suggests: “HR leaders devote time each week/month to keep up on the HR technology market and new developments, and to carve out time for themselves and members of their team to come to the HR Technology Conference, where they can do a year’s worth of market research and due diligence in just a few days.”

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