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As an HR leader, you leverage your organization's talent to create value—for your employees, your clients, your stakeholders.

People are your largest, most impactful asset. They are the force that drives value creation, and organizations with the highest "yield" on talent will generate greater value faster than those who don't.

HR sits at the intersection of talent strategy and business strategy. That's why there's never been a better time to be in talent management—your organization needs you to become more strategic to support the business through shifting priorities and constant change. As the steward of talent, you're the gatekeeper to value creation. It can't be done without you.

HCI Model for Human Capital Management


HCI's Model for Strategic Human Capital Management

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Our core mission is to work on your behalf to help you build talent initiatives that drive transformational change, strengthen the partnership between HR and the business, and accelerate the success of the business.


HCI Corporate Training


HCI Corporate Training enables your team to build strategic HR capabilities together. Programs can be delivered online or in person for small teams or entire HR functions. 


Corp Membership


HCI Corporate Membership equips your HR team for success with flexible learning options that enable team members to attend virtual conferences, access resources and earn certifications.


Advisory Services


HCI Advisory Services support your HR team before and after Corporate Training engagements to embed the learning and jumpstart your implementation efforts.


Let's talk about how HCI can help you achieve your HR team's development goals.

Why Partner with HCI?

HCI Corporate Solutions help you design learning programs around the needs of your HR team and your organization. Working together we can build talent initiatives that drive transformational change, strengthen the partnership between HR and the organization, and accelerate the success of the business.

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Strategic Alignment

Drive measurable business results by aligning talent strategies with your organization’s strategic objectives



Whether you have five HR teams or one HR team of five, our educational opportunities are designed to benefit all

Reward and Recognition

Comprehensive Approach

HCI helps you create learning programs based on your HR team and organization’s goals

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Breadth and Depth

Build HR knowledge across a wide variety of topics or achieve deep expertise in a business-critical function

Prevent Burnout

Learning Sustainment

Build on what you’ve learned by engaging with on-demand resources, tools, and templates

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