Six Key Elements of an Engaging Workplace Culture

January 26, 2018 | O.C. Tanner | HCI
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Creating an engaging worplace culture that enables you to connect with what’s most meaningful to employees, becoming an irresistible place to work, and achieve financial success are onjectives that leave corporations worldwide wondering which resources to invest in to improve their organization’s culture.
That challenge, coupled with recent research that indicates employees rate their current workplace culture at only 65 on a 100-point scale, prompted us to find a solution.
In this webcast, you’ll be asked if your culture building efforts are creating an engaging employee experience, retaining and attracting top talent, and driving business results.
If the answer is not a resounding YES! to each, then pay close attention.
Gary Beckstrand, Vice President of O.C. Tanner Institute, will address key elements of an engaging workplace culture. He’ll take a deep-dive in answering how these six elements impact recruitment, engagement, retention, innovation and great work, as well as why a strategic focus on culture is essential to success.

Survey Says

After assessing hundreds of corporate culture models, identifying thousands of focus areas professed to impact culture and surveying 10,000 employees around the globe, O.C. Tanner developed a culture model built on six key elements, or Talent Magnets:

·         Purpose

·         Opportunity

·         Success

·         Appreciation

·         Wellbeing

·         Leadership

At their fullest, these elements lead to the retention, engagement and attraction of talent that ultimately improves the employee experience and fuels organizational results.
​By working to create an attractive workplace culture that employees want to engage with through small, even marginal efforts in the six key focuses, staggering improvements will follow. Listen to our webcast, then contact O.C. Tanner for more ideas about ways you can improve your workplace culture.