Performance Management

Improve performance management with ongoing feedback, goal-setting, coaching, strengths-based development, and recognition and rewards

Beyond the annual review, performance management should include ongoing feedback, goal-setting, coaching, strengths-based development, and recognition and rewards – and managers must be held accountable for these outcomes. Learn how performance management can be integrated with strategic organizational goals, rewards and recognition programs, and development and succession plans. With the help of performance management systems and social technology, you can make performance management part of day-to-day leadership.

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Succession Planning Tips Podcast

April 4, 2012

Based on the March 15, 2012 HCI Webcast, "Developing First-Class Succession Plans," Elizabeth Hall, Succession Planning Program Manager, at Microsoft Corporation discusses the myths and challenges of succession planning and the ...

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Developing First-Class Succession Plans

March 15, 2012 | Elizabeth Hall

How are leadership transitions best handled, and how can organizations today ensure that when the torch gets passed, no one gets burned? Learn firsthand the elements to successful succession planning – what it is, what it can do, and why leaders and their successors are so critical to a thriving organization.

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Issues in HR: Career Management

Peter Howes, Vice President, SuccessFactors discusses what he feels is one of the biggest challenges facing HR: what is a career? A career is a combination of projects, experiences, horizontal shifts, and promotions.

At any given time, ...

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Selecting Top Talent at Procter & Gamble

Can you imagine getting over a million applications a year? Could you trust that your selection system wouldn’t rule out someone really good? With incredibly high volume and limited open positions, P&G relies on a very efficient selection process to quickly identify top candidates and make sure their recruiters and hiring managers’ valuable time is only spent on the most promising contenders.

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Strengthening Performance: Achieving Better Results

September 22, 2011 | Human Capital Institute

Talent management is a vital component of organizational success. A company achieves significant competitive advantage when it takes a strategic approach to developing the strengths and capabilities of its existing workforce to meet current and ...

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