2013 Employment Engagement Conference

Reinforce Your 2013 Revenue with HCI’s Employee Engagement Conference

In 2012, in the middle of global economic crises, HR’s biggest concern was simply company survival and how to do much more with much less. Now, as you execute your 2013 marketing plan, you need to carefully choose how you spend your marketing dollars. HCI wants to help you connect with your target audience by sponsoring our 2013 Employee Engagement Conference. Taking place in September in Chicago, this conference is priority for senior human resources executives to ensure they can motivate and keep their valuable talent

HCI’s Annual Employee Engagement Conference provides an important intersection for organizational development, corporate learning and workforce performance. Meet buyers of talent management systems and services, leadership development, education, training and performance solutions in a relaxed, social environment at our networking receptions and your tabletop exhibit.

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The Traditional Definition of Employee Engagement is
Already Obsolete

Not long ago, employee engagement was originally defined as “an employee's willingness to invest discretionary effort on the job.” This is no longer applicable in the new normal. The problem is “willing” doesn’t guarantee “execution,” and the initiatives and strategies that worked 6 years ago, are not effective in this current environment.


We Now Recognize Performance — Not Presence

Perhaps it is time to rethink the logic that equates long hours with superior performance and workaholism with commitment.” — Nan Stone, Mother’s Work, Harvard Business Review

Employee Engagement is the degree of an employee's positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization that strongly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work. It’s emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. This means engaged employees truly care about their work and their company. They don’t work just for the money or the next promotion — They work on behalf of the organization’s goals.  How do you engage your workforce to drive revenue, performance and innovation in your organization?


Performance Drives Revenue —
Engagement Drives Performance


Engagement In the “New Normal” Now has 3 Main Drivers.  Learn how to implement these critical components as part of your engagement strategy.




This describes the work experience — the nature, style and quality of organizational life, not the programs themselves.

  • Wellness and positive work energy/life programs (health, work flexibility,..)
  • A supportive social environment
  • Feelings of enthusiasm/accomplishment at work
  • Belief in company goals and objectives
  • Flexible work arrangements


Relationship between the Employee, their Manager and the CEO

Establish trust through clear, open, and high touch communications.

  • Good communication from the CEO down to the entire workforce
  • Employees comprehend and value the organization’s business goals
  • The workforce has a clear understanding of how their specific job contributes to achieving the overall business goals
  • Personal connection — showing a sincere interest in employees’ well being
  • Leadership behaves consistently with the organization’s core values


Employee Enablement

Giving employees the skills, tools and resources to do the job correctly, including learning, training, social support and career development.

  • Providing freedom from obstacles to success at work
  • Availability of resources to perform well
  • Ability to meet work challenges effectively
  • Enough employees in the group to do the job right
  • Career development and learning new skills


Performance Drives Revenue —
Retention Is More Critical Than Ever

19 million employees or 13 percent of the total U.S. workforce are angling to change jobs in 2013. This churn will cost U.S. businesses an estimated $2 trillion to recruit and train new workers. *
* Cornerstone survey


The Damage from the Disengaged

Misery loves company, and no one loves to share misery more than the disengaged. These workers have the ear of your best and brightest, and are very skilled in creating dissent and restlessness throughout the ranks. The disengaged are proven to have a very negative impact on retention and engagement.


Disengaged talent produces a negative financial value because the revenue
the disengaged produce rarely covers their total employment cost.


When engagement declines, organizations become susceptible to a measurable drop in productivity, declining customer service and greater rates of absenteeism and churn.

The HCI Employee Engagement Conference is a one of kind event that focuses exclusively on what drives engagement and creates a high performance workforce.


You will learn:

  • What Drives Engagement
  • How to Change and Influence Culture
  • How to Create a High Performance Workforce
  • How to Communicate Organizational Goals that Connect with Employees
  • How to Retain Key Talent through Engagement Initiatives
  • How to Effectively Deal with the Disengaged and Other Obstacles to Engagement
  • New Ways to Provide a Supportive and Energized Workplace

Underwriter Opportunities

Premier Underwriter

The Premier Sponsor will have a chance to showcase their unique insight into employee engageement and serve as the event’s lead underwriter and partner:

  • Premier branding
  • Opening remarks
  • Session
  • Reception sponsor
  • An extensive allotment of passes for senior clients

Diamond Underwriter

Maximum branding, prestigious thought leadership opportunities, and conference-wide recognition.

  • Present a client case study
  • Extensive pre and post branding
  • Exhibit table top

Platinum Underwriter

Platinum sponsors receive branding and passes for senior clients, and can choose one of the below options on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Post-conference download center
  • Best practice interviews
  • Keynote session spotlight
  • Invitation-only, private luncheon
  • Global social media sponsor
  • WiFi sponsor
  • Networking bingo card sponsor
  • Registration, lanyard, badges, welcome bag or
  • Key card
  • Exhibit table top

Gold Underwriter

Gold sponsor receive branding, a limited number of passes for senior clients, full conference access, and exhibit table top.


For additional information on sponsorship opportunities
please contact Barry Upbin at 954.530.2747.