Alan Cooper, PH.D., MBA

Associate Dean, Willumstad School of Business, Adelphi University

Alan Cooper, has over 25 years of experience in the area of strategic organizational transformation, with a specific focus on organization development (OD), customer experience, change management, teambuilding/collaboration, organizational capacity, HR, and leadership development.  His work is consistently aligned with an overarching emphasis on the achievement of an organizations strategic mission.  He is currently Associate Dean of the Willumstad School of Business at Adelphi University in New York and a Principal Consultant on Learning and Organizational Development.


Dr. Cooper has worked with several organizations including White Plains Hospital in New York where he served as Chief People and Performance Officer. In this role he was responsible for the overall talent strategy of the organization and the development of programs that attracted, retained, motivated and developed the talent needed to drive a performance based culture and ensure the hospital had the capabilities to accomplish its mission and strategic goals. Additionally, he was responsible for service excellence as well as operational performance metrics, Lean process improvement, physician and staff education, and leadership development.  While at White Plains, Dr. Cooper initiated a leadership and talent development academy that incorporated a hospital wide customer service program that resulted in a significant increase in patient satisfaction within 18 months. He also developed hospital and physician metrics that aligned with the hospital’s mission along with systematic process improvement initiatives to ensure goal alignment and achievement.  Cooper also instituted a high-level talent strategy to advance organizational capacity and ensure goal achievement.  Not only did this result in the gaining of significant efficiencies, it also resulted in cost savings across the hospital.


Prior to joining White Plains Hospital, Dr. Cooper worked with several organizations across industries providing consulting services and education in the areas of operational excellence, organization development (OD), change management, customer experience, learning, and leadership development. He worked with a multi-site organization to redesign their quality management and customer service programs, resulting in streamlined processes, cost savings, and increased customer satisfaction.  He also worked with a large labor union to expand organizational capacity around process improvement and business process efficiencies.    


Dr. Cooper spent the first 21 years of his career with the North Shore – LIJ Health System in New York.  As Vice President for Learning and Innovation he developed and ran the health system’s “corporate university”, the largest of its kind in healthcare, serving over 43,000 employees.  His responsibilities included direction and oversight of system wide employee and leadership development programs, one of the country’s largest clinical simulation labs, and a Lean Six Sigma initiative responsible for efficiencies and cost savings across the health system.  Dr. Cooper was also responsible for development and deployment of the health system’s Quality Academy, teaching and deploying quality management principles and process improvement methodologies across the system’s 14 hospitals and over 80 outpatient and business entities. Dr. Cooper also served as a member of the health system’s operational metrics group where he was responsible for formulating strategic goals and developing and validating metrics across disciplines, including customer satisfaction and quality metrics. Some notable accomplishments included; redesign of the employee orientation process to align with the organizations strategy, resulting in significant cost savings and an increase in employee satisfaction; implementation of a Lean/Six Sigma initiative that resulted in over $2,000,000 in cost savings and enhanced revenue within two years; design and launch of numerous customer satisfaction programs that resulted in significant increases in patient and employee satisfaction; implementation of a system-wide senior leadership coaching and succession planning program employing 3600 evaluations, resulting in a  decrease in leadership turnover and a reduction in the necessity for external recruitment of senior leaders. 


Dr. Cooper has developed and taught courses on effective leadership, customer service, system dynamics, coaching, teambuilding, emotional intelligence, improvement sciences, talent acquisition and other organization development topics to senior leaders, clinical executives, management, and staff.  He has delivered keynote presentations on various topics at both state and national conferences.


As an examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award program, Dr. Cooper conducted several rigorous reviews of Baldrige applicant organizations’ processes and functions. These reviews incorporated comprehensive assessments and written findings of several organizational areas from the strategic planning process to outcome measures.


Dr. Cooper holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology and an MBA (with distinction) in management from Adelphi University.  He also holds several certificates in leadership and management from Cornell University, University of Michigan, and University of Notre Dame.  He is a nationally recognized speaker in the areas of process improvement, customer satisfaction, leadership development, and corporate learning.  He has published several articles and book chapters including chapters on leadership development and corporate education.  Dr. Cooper has also held the positions of Adjunct Associate Professor at the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University, Associate Dean for Knowledge Management at the Hofstra North Shore – LIJ School of Medicine, and Adjunct Instructor at Adelphi University.



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