Amy George

Vice President of Talent, Diversity and Inclusion, Terex Corporation

Amy George is Vice President of Talent, Diversity and Inclusion at Terex Corporation, having joined the company in February 2007. In her role, she is responsible for company-wide talent management initiatives and the global diversity and inclusion agenda. Some of her areas of focus include executive recruitment and development, enterprise-wide performance management, succession planning, learning and development, creating an inclusive culture, developing cultural competence, community relations and employee communications. Prior to joining Terex, Amy was Vice President, Global Diversity and Inclusion at PepsiCo, where she co-chaired the Diversity and Inclusion Governance Council, led inclusion training efforts and served on the Advisory Team for the Catalyst-award winning Women of Color initiative. During her 9+ years at PepsiCo, she also was Director of Executive Development, PepsiCo and Director, Organizational and Management Development at Pepsi-Cola North America. Before joining PepsiCo, she was at Fort James Corporation (now Georgia Pacific) for 10+ years, where she held various positions within Sales, Marketing, Customer Administration and HR. Most notably during this time she led a bi-coastal Customer Administration team that supported the US consumer products division and had P&L responsibility for the company’s private label business. She began her career at Chesebrough-Ponds, where she had a number of different assignments within HR. Amy has her undergraduate degree from Brown University and her MBA from Cornell’s Johnson School. She is currently an Emeritus member of the Johnson School Advisory Council, which she actively served on for 4 years. Amy and her husband Andy reside in Stamford, CT. Her oldest son is living in NYC and involved in a start-up venture. Her daughter is a senior at Boston University studying Hospitality Administration and her youngest son is a freshman at Brown U. Amy is currently on the Board of the Stamford Boys and Girls Club and was formerly on the Board of SoundWaters, a non-profit organization focused on educating adults and children on preserving the Long Island Sound.

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HCIPodcast: Expanding Talent Acquisition's Ripple Effect on the Business

May 11, 2015 | Amy George

In this 8 minute interview with Amy George, Vice President of Talent, Diversity and Inclusion, Terex Corporation, we ask her:

• How far into the future do companies need to go to ensure they are not victim to the skills gap for their critical positions?  
• How do company’s best communicate the skills that they need to the younger generations and in your communication?  
• Whose responsibility in the organization is it to be proactive with this message?
• We know that there are challenges of gender diversity in manufacturing roles does that make it more or less important to emphasize diversity within a skills shortage?