Angela Heyroth

Managing Director, Employee Experience, Learning & Development, Charles Schwab

With a lifelong passion for pursuing excellence by imagining new and better ways of doing things, Angela Heyroth found her professional home as an architect of transformational talent management solutions.

Today, Angela is the Managing Director of Employee Experience at Charles Schwab & Co.  In this role, she leads a gifted team of senior learning managers who engineer and cultivate employee experiences at each stage of the talent journey (Join-Learn-Grow).  These experiences aim to maximize opportunities to enable the firm’s success, through an increase of our people’s individual potential and their engagement into our culture.  The programs Angela owns include onboarding and assimilation, strengths-based development, early talent and internships, career development, aspiring and emerging leader development, executive and high potential development, and employee engagement. 

With a career spanning several Fortune 500 firms and prior leadership roles across the full lifecycle of talent management, from attraction and acquisition to development and engagement, Angela brings unique insight into how to build and deliver lasting legacy through a focus on talent.  Her successes, and even her disappointments, have earned her a reputation as a transformative builder, insightful problem solver, high performance team leader, pioneering challenger, and influential change agent. 

Angela is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach and holds an MBA in organizational management from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.  Her dominant themes of talent (Clifton StrengthsFinder) are Maximizer, Achiever, Input, Individualization, Command, Learner, Significance, Focus, Competition, Self-Assurance, Ideation, Futuristic.

Angela resides in Colorado with her husband and young son.

Upcoming Conference Sessions Featuring Angela Heyroth


Think like an Architect: Putting the “Experience” into “Employee Experience”

The best development programs create an experience, and experiences don’t just happen – they must be masterfully architected.  Hear how Angela Heyroth has positioned Charles Schwab’s firm-wide learning programs into architected experiences that connect to hearts and minds, drive engagement, accelerate growth, and maximize potential.  She’ll showcase how thinking holistically across the employee lifecycle, collaborating strategically cross-firm,  and connecting the programs with key signature elements, ultimately builds transformative experiences.  You’ll understand how her team thoughtfully plans, designs, constructs, and actively manages blended experiences ranging from onboarding and culture assimilation to career development and then on to leader and executive development.  Since the world’s best architectural feats are often viewed as cultural touchstones, Angela will help you begin readying to move beyond stand-alone ...

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