Cathy Rezak

Chairman and Co-founder, Paradigm Learning

Catherine J. Rezak is chairman and co-founder of Paradigm Learning, a corporate training and communications organization specializing in the areas of business acumen, strategic alignment, leadership development and sales training. 
Since 1994, Paradigm Learning has employed innovative learning methodologies like business games, simulations and Discovery Maps® to create highly acclaimed and customizable classroom and online learning programs in the areas of financial literacy, business acumen, strategic alignment, sales effectiveness and leadership accountability. Recent clients include a diverse array of organizations including Covidien, Lockheed Martin, PG&E, Heinz, Chase and Comcast. 
With over 30 years experience in the human resource consulting and training field, Catherine has been a speaker at corporate and industry events, appeared on CNN’s Financial News, consulted with clients around leadership competencies, game and simulation design, business acumen development and strategic communication, and has authored articles in publications such as The Journal of Organizational Excellence and Strategic Communication Management. For several years she was also president of ISA: The Association of Learning Providers – a distinguished group of companies in the learning industry


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