Gregory Manley, Ph.D.

Gregory Manley, Ph.D. is currently a Senior Research Psychologist at the HQ USAF Personnel Center at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX. There he works in the Strategic Research and Assessment Branch in activities such as test development and validation, personnel selection and classification, Force-wide impact analysis, and guiding strategic vision and policy. In addition to researching and implementing selection and placement systems for Air Force officer and enlisted personnel, Gregory focuses his research on advancing theory and practice in development of selection instruments; including validity and fair subgroup representation among EEOC protected classes.
Gregory has published numerous technical reports, white papers, book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals. Additional, he frequently presents papers and participates in presentations at conferences such as SIOP. Gregory completed his Ph.D. in the I-O Psychology Program at the University of Oklahoma. He is also a veteran of the U. S. Navy, serving as a Missile Systems Analyst and Operator aboard the Navy Aircraft Carrier, USS Constellation; including two deployments to the Persian Gulf region. After the Navy, Gregory completed his BS degree in Psychology at Montana State University, where he enjoyed skiing in the winter and bouncing 'round the mountains day-to-day.

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