Linda Schaumann Reese, Ph.D.

Managing Partner, Leader OnBoarding

Linda Reese is the Managing Partner of Leader OnBoarding, inc, a management consulting and coaching firm specializing in culture-building and fostering the success of newly-placed executives. She has professional training in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and uses a pragmatic approach in serving as an advisor to senior management.

Linda’s firm has developed two web-enabled onboarding assessment tools (Culture Snapshot and LevelSet: Early Feedback) that are marketed to internal and external coaches. These tool and LOB’s proprietary methodology are also at the core of their onboarding coaching process, which focuses on managing risk associated with hiring and promoting executives.

Since 1990, Linda has been a practicing coach and consultant, working with leaders of over 40 companies in healthcare, financial services, professional services, manufacturing and retail sectors. She has led real-world research examining the characteristics of high-growth companies, and has a particular interest in organizational evolution and leadership behavior in successful technology firms. Prior to this role, she served in corporate and operational leadership roles for a large retailer. Linda also founded the Columbus, OH chapter of the Women President’s Organization (WPO) in 1996, which serves firms that generate at least $2 million per year in revenue.

Linda holds a master’s degree and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois (Chicago), and is a member of the Executive Education faculty at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. She is certified in a number of assessment tools and consulting methodologies. Her book, The Myth of “Fit”: Unlock New Leader Success with High-Impact Onboarding, was released in May (2017), and is available on

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