Michelle Rashid

Director, Culture and Organizational Development, Virtuoso

As a member of Virtuoso’s senior executive team, Michelle is responsible for the company’s human resources, sustainability, real estate and workplace services. In her HR role she oversees compensation, benefits, performance management, and employee development, and partners with executives on personnel and organizational strategy. Since assuming responsibility for the company’s culture five years ago, she has focused on defining and integrating Virtuoso’s core values while developing and implementing the infrastructure to connect staff in four US offices and employees in locations from Sydney to Buenos Aires to London.

Since joining Virtuoso in 2005, Michelle has been a trusted conduit between the CEO and the company’s senior leaders, a talent that she honed while working for Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. She later went on to work in the federal government’s Transport Canada division before moving to Seattle and joining Starbucks corporate headquarters where she worked in the store development and entertainment divisions.

Michelle’s passion for developing individuals is evident outside of her professional career as well, as she maintains certification as a fitness instructor and has been involved in the Martha Beck program as a personal coach.

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