Sandra L. Edwards

Senior Vice President, AMA Enterprise, American Management Association International

Sandra L. Edwards has more than twenty years of experience in strategic business development, performance consulting, organizational change, and human capital management. Her current role at American Management Association, a world leader in talent management and performance-based learning solutions, provides her the opportunity to create highly effective, results-oriented solutions for AMA’s clients.  Her career as a senior level executive is characterized by three key factors: the translation of best practice ideas into realistic, client-focused solutions, the early adoption of leading edge ideas to build competitive advantage, and a commitment to achieving critical business outcomes.
Prior to joining AMA, Ms. Edwards was Vice President of Sales and Vice President of International Business Development for AchieveGlobal (formerly Xerox Learning Systems). She was also Executive Vice President of The Madison Consulting Group and President of b2XY, two boutique consulting firms in the New York metropolitan area.
A dynamic speaker, she is noted for her “passion, humor, and ability to connect with her audience” and has been a featured speaker at conferences and client events all over the world. She is co-author of the book The High Performance Sales Organization, a contributor to the book The Alligator Trap, and author of hundreds of articles on global leadership, developing high-potential talent, succession planning, outsourcing and generational issues in the workplace.

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