The Challenge Of Change – How To Build Leadership Resilience In Times Of Change


People today are experiencing extremely high levels of stress in the workplace. And organizations are trying to do more with less, further increasing employee workloads. With no end in sight leaders are discovering the impact of pushing themselves and their teams harder than ever. Leaders need to learn how to ensure both high performance AND sustainable well-being
The Challenge of Change method is an approach to building individual and organizational resilience for the long term. It is based on 30 years of academic research and its methods are firmly evidence based. At its core, it helps people understand the difference between pressure and stress. Pressure is inevitable, yet stress is something we create.
You will learn:

  • The difference between pressure and stress in your own life
  • How stress is created and how resilient people avoid it
  • The results of your personal resilience profile, outlining your approach to dealing with pressure
  • A valuable set of tools for dealing with pressure in your life

Presenter and Facilitator

Nicholas Petrie

Senior Faculty Member at Center for Creative Leadership