Creating a Culture of Engagement


Do your employees report a strong sense of purpose at your organization? Do they trust senior management and have confidence that the organization is moving in the right direction? Does everyone -- from the CEO on down -- feel like they are contributing to the company’s success?
These are some of the hallmarks of a culture of engagement. If employees -- from the C-level to the rank and file -- aren’t engaged, business performance suffers and turnover is high. In a culture of engagement, employees have a clear idea of the organization’s purpose, its plan, and how it will accomplish its goals.
Drawing from the research of more than four million employees worldwide, this presentation will look at how organizations can address and boost engagement and why involvement of the organization as a whole, leaders, and individual employees is crucial in creating a culture of engagement.
In this session, you will learn:

  • The State of U.S. and Global Employee Engagement
  • The most effective ways that leaders can elevate engagement within their team
  • How to educate individual employees about what engagement is and what their responsibility for owning their engagement is
  • How to create a three-year plan for creating a culture of engagement


Don MacPherson

Partner, Global Engagement Practice - Talent, Rewards, & Performance, Aon Hewitt