Developing Leadership Capabilities through Organization Effectiveness Projects: Novo Nordisk’s “Learning from Experience” Approach to Developing Leaders


Problem Statement: 
In the pharmaceutical industry as in other industries, the rapidly evolving marketplace is creating an ever changing business environment.  Specific challenges, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA), managed care dynamics, and new regulatory mandates, are resulting in significant and increasing demands on company leaders AND on HR’s role in enabling the success of these leaders.  As HR Professionals, many of us have successfully met the challenge of building foundational manager and leadership programs.  Yet, within a dynamic business environment, it is imperative that we find new and complementary approaches to leadership development where we can build critical and emerging leadership competencies in the context of current problems. 
Meeting the Challenge: 
At Novo Nordisk, our award-winning leadership development programs are grounded in time tested company values and leadership competencies that span across all levels of leadership from senior executives to individual contributors.  As a complement to these core programs, we are building critical and emerging skills through a multimodal, portfolio learning approach focused on real leadership challenges in a “learning from experience” type program.  Additionally, rather than building a comprehensive (and highly resource intensive) action learning, “President’s Forum” type program, we have been able to leverage the existing work of our Organization Effectiveness Team to both identify within and cross functional challenges and assign project leaders from our key talent population.  By partnering with OE experts, leaders solve real business problems and develop skills including strategy development, stakeholder alignment, organization assessment, problem analysis, solution execution, and change leadership.
In this session, we will share the Novo Nordisk Organization Effectiveness Model and our specific approach to leadership development through skill building, expert coaching, and senior executive sponsorship/ mentoring.
You will learn:

  • The Novo Nordisk Organization Effectiveness Model and how we leverage this model to create leadership development opportunities
  • Our portfolio approach to learning and leadership development through skill building, expert coaching, and senior executive sponsorship/ mentoring of critical problem solving or continuous improvement projects
  • Critical success factors for creating this type of leadership development opportunity

Keynote Presenters

Barbara Keen, Ph.D.

Head of Organization Effectiveness at Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals

Amy Miller

Head of the Organization Effectiveness Academy for Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals