Driving Manager Excellence to Unleash Human Potential


What is Manager Excellence?  Manager Excellence is building the capacity and capability of leaders and managers to be performance multipliers. At NIKE, Inc. we have 250 enterprise leaders who lead 6,000 people-managers, who oversee 4,000 teams. It’s up to leaders to create the future with others in the right way. Managers have a responsibility to lead, coach, drive and inspire their teams. Through Manager Excellence we are clearly defining the role and accountabilities of managers by exploring the traits of an excellent manager while developing managers’ skills and providing them with the right tools…all focused on tapping into the potential of each employee within the organization.
Cultivating managers who effectively lead, coach, drive and inspire.  By creating an environment where everyone can find their place and feel empowered to question, bring ideas and figure out where their opportunity lies, work becomes a way of being, not just a job. Our opportunities are so great and our goals so aggressive managers must build their capacity by leading and coaching, acting as multipliers of human potential. Think…teaching someone to fish vs. fishing for them. As multipliers, they must bring out the best in their teams in order to achieve collective goals. We are equipping managers by providing a combination of skills, learning and unfiltered feedback so they have the tools to be great managers. 
What are some key things managers can start doing right away to become “performance multipliers?”  Have authentic conversations. Take the time to coach. The list of things to do today will be just as long tomorrow — you can’t get caught up in that. Focus more on the “how” than the “what.” Spend time with people to really get to know them and what makes them tick. All of us have had great managers during our careers. Think about what it’s like to be managed well and model that. In short, spend less time on the to-do list and more time on the people.
Participants will learn:

  • The importance of building managerial capability to tap into and leverage human potential
  • Ideas for creating a “multiplier” mindset for managers which drives employee engagement



Lori Emerick

Director, Diversity & Inclusion, NIKE, Inc.

Nancy Turner

Global Director of Talent Development at NIKE, Inc.