Executive Presence: The Art and Science of Leadership Gravitas


For years, leadership development experts have wondered how to bring depth to the conversation about executive presence.  The problem with “I know it when I see it,” is that executive presence remains mysterious, and feedback about it isn’t actionable. In this session you’ll learn about a brand new, research-based, scientifically validated model that frames executive presence in three dimensions – character, substance, and style. You’ll learn about a pragmatic, actionable approach to assessing and developing presence and influence.
You will learn:

  • Why certain observable facets of behavior are critical to a leader’s impact
  • How presence goes beyond the style issues that are often the start and stop point of the conversation
  • How presence has a powerful, practical effect on those whom leaders seek to engage, align, and mobilize
  • A strategy for integrating this model into your assessment and leadership development programs


Anita Flagg

Director of Talent Management at Fidelity Investments

William P. Macaux, Ph.D.

Vice President Executive Development at Bates Communications