Innovation in Leadership Development: A New Way Forward


Today's turbulent and complex business environment poses unique and demanding challenges for leaders at all levels. Many lead in an environment of both abundance and scarcity, where the work is abundant (emails, meetings, projects…) and time is scarce. This is the leadership development conundrum of our time. Leaders believe they must choose between getting work done, as more and more gets put on their plate, or developing themselves and their team. This is a false choice.
In this session, we will demonstrate an innovative approach to leadership development, which addresses how to accelerate leadership development and effectiveness when the bandwidth of leaders to learn and grow themselves and others is limited. HINT:  the answer isn’t a new a new leadership development program but a process.
You will learn:

  • An innovative approach to leadership and executive development – moving beyond immersive programs 
  • Key success factors to make leadership development scalable and sustainable 
  • The latest research on the leadership mindsets most prevalent today and the ones most needed for tomorrow


Anthony Griswold

Head of Leadership Development at Xerox Corporation

Taavo Godtfredsen

Vice President and Executive Producer at Skillsoft