Onboarding with Jack Kerouac


Warby Parker was Fast Company’s most innovative company in 2015.  How did this “made-on-the-internet” brand beat out Apple, Google, and Instagram for the top spot?  What is the people strategy to create and keep that elusive culture of innovation?  The Warby Parker guiding principal is “Be Curious.”  Not only do they aim to attract and hire the intellectually curious, they onboard curiously, and retain the curious.  The interview process includes questions about candidate’s last costume, during onboarding new hires receive a copy of Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums and the headquarters is filled with books, lots and lots of books. 
While it might be assumed that an innovative, curious culture in a high-growth company might breed chaos, it doesn’t.  The philosophy of excellence and what is expected of the Warby Parker brand makers is so strongly defined,  execution easily follows.  In the keynote address, the Chief of People and Culture at Warby Parker will share why the “be curious” people philosophy attracts and retains the best talent and enables the company to reinvent an industry.  ‚Äč


Susan Lee

Head of People, Warby Parker