Optimizing Diversity and Inclusion from Recruiting to Mobility: Drive Business Outcomes and Measure Results


In this presentation, VMware Chief People Officer Betsy Sutter will illustrate the process she took to establish VMwomen, a business-led women’s initiative within VMware which is helping to drive systemic change and business outcomes through a more inclusive and diverse environment.  She will explain how she partnered with the CEO and other company leadership to task executives across the company with driving measurable results for VMwomen in their respective organizations.  Next, Ms. Sutter will explain how this process is working to increase companywide representation of women through the business cycle of recruiting, hiring, developing and promoting talent. She will review the research-based initiatives that support the VMwomen effort of raising awareness and challenging assumptions.  Summarizing the initiative’s goals, Ms. Sutter will detail how VMware benchmarks against those goals each year. Finally, Ms. Sutter will outline the steps attendees can take to establish structured efforts to improve diversity conversations and representation within their own organizations.
In this keynote presentation, you will learn:
·         How to structure diversity into the talent cycle, starting at recruiting.
·         How to partner with the leadership to drive measureable results.
·         How to set goals and benchmark long-term success.


Betsy Sutter

Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer, VMware