Re-booting Dot Gov

The Open Government Directive (OGD) has been the driving force behind the current administration’s underlying goal to “strengthen U.S. democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.”  New developments in Gov 2.0 seek to improve communication, attraction and engagement across the public sector.  Agencies now face the need to re-launch their websites, develop fresh New Media concepts. This panel session, comprised of representatives from agencies who have revitalized their Gov 2.0 strategies in remarkable ways, will discuss how they have succeeded not only in their mission to collaborate with the citizenry but how they were able to capitalize on this transformation to increase internal collaboration, communication and the removal of departmental/geographical silos.

Moderated by

Jay Richey

Director, Applications Marketing, Oracle Corporation

Panel Members

Haley Van Dyck

Director of Digital Strategy and Engagement, USAID

Jason Hall

Benefits Supervisor, City of St. Petersburg

Ellen Nix

Special Assistant/Special Project Manager COI Program Manager Admin/Visual Information & Public Affairs, United States Marine Corps (USMC)