Ten Trends that Will Change the World


No one knows what the future holds, but it is imperative that every business plan ahead. Ford is the only auto company with a resident futurist on staff, and Sheryl Connelly's crystal ball certainly gets a fierce workout as her company tries to figure out how to invest billions of dollars a year in big bets on technology, features and services to better connect with multi-generational consumers.
Learn about the dramatically different environment we can come to expect in the next two decades as Sheryl shares the ten trends she believes will change the world, and how these trends relate to major shifts that will affect talent and human capital.  This includes Gen Z, who despite their young age is already shaping the world we live in today and tomorrow.
You will learn:

  • Learn how Gen Z will change everything Gen Y established
  • Understand why the rebellious and upstart brands are attracting the top talent
  • Learn the top trends that will give you the competitive edge in future planning

Keynote Presenter

Sheryl Connelly

Head of Global Consumer Trends and Futuring, Ford Motor Company