Timing, Tools, and Transformation: How Randstad Shifted its Culture, One Conversation at a Time


Many organizations struggle with their culture and identity as a result of numerous mergers or acquisitions. The cultures of the previously autonomous organizations oppose one another below the surface. Silos exist, mistrust is prevalent, and relationships weaken. This disconnect shows in engagement surveys; it shows in turnover; and most importantly, it shows in results. A change is needed.
Randstad knew that many important conversations were simply not occurring, and leaders needed a tool to help them communicate courageously. Starting in 2014, Randstad has implemented Fierce Conversations throughout the organization. It provides a framework through which people are able to engage in productive, genuine conversations, which truly address the minds and hearts of the matter. In this session, Wendy and Wesley will share the timing, tools, and the strategies that have been used to shift Randstad’s culture. The results have been significantly higher engagement scores, and dramatically reduced turnover, while generating higher productivity and profitable growth.
What you will take away from this session:

  • A clear understanding of the simple power of conversations in transforming culture
  • Implementation of a transformative strategy and the sustainment required for it to take hold
  • Examples of strategies and key success factors to drive lasting change in your organization 


Wesley Connor

Manager, Talent Management, Randstad

Wendy Finlason Seymour

Director, Talent Management, Randstad