What Does Gov 2.0 Mean to HR?

A recent survey conducted by HP of 100 Government IT professionals concluded that 76% feel that they understand what Gov 2.0 entails and two-thirds believe Gov 2.0 will improve their agency. When asked what would drive adoption of government 2.0 technology, 31% said "management takes the lead" and 26% said "increase technology budget". Although early adoption was embraced with the thought that Gov 2.0 tools were free, the last two years have uncovered the reality that they are not. They cost an agency primarily in the staff time required to develop, maintain and measure them effectively. If an agency really wants to take the tools and technology to the next level, there is a cost associated with integrating them into traditional marketing, information technology and human resource plans. What does this mean for HR? This session will explore the challenges Gov 2.0 poses for the human resources department in overcoming the education and funding barriers, gaining support from managers.

Presented by

Andy Krzmarzick

Director of Community Engagement, GovLoop.com