Workforce Analytics Simplified


Workforce analytics sounds harder than it actually is. Ask a question, look for the answer in your data and
implement change. You don’t need data analysts and expensive tools to get started. As you mature, you
may consider expanding the tools and skills you need, but start simple and aim to keep it simple during
your workforce analytics journey.
In this workshop, you’ll learn a simplified approach from Dr. Melissa Feigelson, who established the
workforce analytics function as well as the strategic workforce planning discipline at BASF. Melissa’s core
goal is to give leaders greater insight into organizational trends and empower evidence-based decision
making. To do so, Melissa embraces simplification as an approach to engage leaders and the rest of HR.
You will learn:

  • Don’t be afraid to work with the data you have.
  • Share less not more – simplicity is king, too many numbers can pull attention away from the concept of focus/interest.
  • Aim for what your leaders are interested in – know your audience and how your information fits with what is known.


Melissa Feigelson, Ph.D.

Workforce Analytics Manager, BASF Corporation