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Unlocking Leadership Excellence Through Effective Communication

Effective communication is not merely another leadership competency. It is the very heart of leadership and permeates everything leaders do. Powerful leadership communication is not an inborn trait reserved for the few naturally charismatic individuals. It is an observable, learnable, and natural process that great leaders have used since the dawn of civilization.


Participants will be equipped with:

  • Approaches for getting their voices heard
  • Tools to create more engagement, alignment, and commitment within teams
  • Communication tactics to immediately have a positive impact on others in their organization and beyond


What You'll Learn


Establish an effective ongoing communication plan for their teams and inspire others to take concerted action


Communicate more effectively in large groups, teams, and one-on-one situations


Craft written communications such as emails in a manner that gets attention and generates action


Increase leadership power by weaving both organizational values and personal principles throughout communications


Overcome the natural anxieties and apprehensions associated with speaking in front of groups

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What to Expect

  • Supportive and interactive environment
  • Offered virtually as a 8 hour session
  • Access log-in information and materials (participant guide and toolkit) in your MyHCI profile 
  • Chat and interact with faculty and peers via Zoom 
  • Attend this workshop and earn 6.5 HCI, 6.5 HRCI, 6.5 SHRM, and 6.5 ATD recertification credits
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Truly great leaders know how to build connections, coach others, communicate effectively and lead teams through times of change. You'll build a strong foundation of leadership skills by enrolling in the full Bluepoint Leadership Series.

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For over 25 years, Bluepoint has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes at all levels to develop better leaders through research-backed leadership and coaching workshops. Our programs are designed to create exceptional alignment, engagement, innovation, and productivity. Graduates of our programs are fully capable and highly motivated to make an immediate, significant impact on their teams and organizations. x

Organizations & the Challenge of Communication
A Place to Stand
The Leader Speaks Model
A Personal Connection
Power Tool #1: Language
Communication Experiential #1: A Customer Opportunity
A Compelling Future
Power Tool #2: Imagery
A Profound Story
Power Tool #3: Argument
Communication Experiential #2: Making a Difference
Key Learnings & Commitments

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