HCI Advisory Services

Accelerate your HR team's learning and impact with tailored assessments, coaching and support

HCI Helps You Maximize Your ROI

HCI Advisory Services are available to support your HR team before and after Corporate Training engagements to embed the learning, jumpstart your implementation efforts, and maximize your return on investment. Services include analysis to help you better understand your team’s knowledge and skills gaps, advisement and coaching for your HR leaders and practitioners to help them implement new practices, and business briefings for your non-HR stakeholders to gain buy-in and build early momentum.

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Solutions for Your Organizational Challenges

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Customized Assessment and Training
For the Problem of 
Gauging Skills and Knowledge

HR leaders and managers want targeted training for their teams, but don’t know the skills and knowledge gaps present.

Our Solution Includes:
  • Interviews and focus groups
  • Surveys and assessments
  • Content customization


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Learning Support and Sustainment
For the Problem of 
Applying Skills to Job Performance


HR teams struggle to put new knowledge and skills into practice on a routine and consistent basis. 

Our Solution Includes:
  • Individual and team coaching
  • HR leadership coaching
  • Manager-led meetings
  • Job aids and tools
  • Onboarding HR teams
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Organizational Buy-In
For the Problem of 
Establishing the Value of Strategic HR

Leaders and stakeholders aren’t fully bought into new practices or don’t understand them well enough to contribute in meaningful ways.

Our Solution Includes:
  • Communication plans
  • Executive briefings
  • Measurement of performance and outcomes


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