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Equip your HR team for success with access to HCI's virtual conferences, premium content, certifications and more

Your HR Team is Ready. Are You?

In our research, 90% of HR practitioners shared with us that they've identified an opportunity to become more strategic in their role, yet only half determined the next steps to do it. Like you, they're facing limited budgets and increasing demands on time and resources.

Pave the way for your team to grow their strategic capabilities with HCI's Corporate Membership. Each member of your team can get the most out of their limited time and your limited budget by engaging in valuable on-demand, self-guided learning opportunities to help them advance both personally and professionally.

HCI's extensive library spans the full spectrum of talent management from candidate experience to acquisition, engagement, and more, so there's something for everyone on your team. You'll foster interconnectivity and a better understanding of people strategy while they grow their HR skills, build business acumen, and begin to think and act more strategically.

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Benefits of Corporate Membership

As an HR team member, you’re expected to know what's happening today and what will happen tomorrow. Our on-demand content empowers you to answer questions, clarify expectations, and make decisions about pressing talent issues in your organization.

What else is in it for you?

  • Strategic Alignment. With HCI's focus on strategic alignment, investing in your HR team benefits not just your team, but your whole organization.
  • Breadth and Depth. Your HR team members can expand their knowledge across a wide variety of topics. With our Corporate Membership discounts, they can achieve deep expertise in their functional areas through certification programs and conferences.
  • Flexible Learning. Read, watch, or listen. No matter how someone prefers to consume content, HCI offers resources across modalities to meet each learner where they are. Instant access to research, tools, and templates support learning application on the job.
  • Onboarding and Client Support. Your dedicated Engagement Manager will work with you to connect learning opportunities with development needs across the HR function. We'll collaborate with stakeholders, plan a rollout strategy, and conduct onboarding sessions to build awareness and encourage adoption.
  • And more!
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Virtual Conference VIP Access

In addition to on-demand access to thousands of resources, all Corporate Members have free access to HCI's Virtual Conferences. You can watch the live stream and participate in the live chat with other virtual attendees without ever leaving the office. And you can pick and choose keynote presentations to watch on demand anytime.

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