Vice President of Human Resources
Digital River

11:45 am

11:45am-12:20pm EDT The Metrics Behind Performance Management

General Session
HR frequently tells their leaders “this is what we are hearing” and “this is what we should do” – but leadership always wants the data to back it up! Gathering this feedback, understanding “the data,” and knowing how to take action are all key to improved performance as a company.
What’s more… during the pandemic, the link between performance and wellbeing became critically clear. Employee feedback gathered early in the pandemic enabled Digital River to narrow down our search for tools to better support our employees and managers while expanding the reach and impact of the HR Team.
In this session, we will look at how you too can foster employee feedback and make meaningful business and cultural impacts with it. Rather than driving everything, HR’s role shifts to creating effective feedback channels for employees, enabling managers to understand their data, and how to take action.
In this session, you will learn:
  • How to drive a culture of performance using feedback
  • How to utilize manager stories to drive increased participation in feedback
  • How feedback about wellbeing can enable you to pick a tool that fits your company’s need(s)
  • How to demonstrate the impact of the actions you took based on real feedback