Performance & Innovation Management
Deputy City Manager's Office, City of Edmonton

12:45 pm

11:45am-12:20pm Defining a Positive Employee Experience & Creating an Inclusive Culture

General Session
Government organizations have some of the most diverse sets of employees of any industry —
employees whose happiness and success the public depends on. The City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada has had the same dilemma as companies around the world: How do you encourage employees to buy-in and contribute to company culture when the
workforce is wildly varied, with different needs and expectations?
In this presentation, Brian Harker, Performance & Innovation Management at The City of
Edmonton, will walk through how a city with a 14,000-person workforce actively creates and
sustains an inclusive workplace for employees — even during challenging and uncertain times.

You will learn:

  • How to ensure employees see themselves reflected in the employee experience
  • How to take action on employee feedback to create an inclusive workplace
  • Proven ways to get leadership to commit to actionable change
  • Real examples of how The City of Edmonton built an inclusive culture