Nobody Makes It Alone

1:45 pm

1:45pm-2:20pm The Pace of Change Changed What It Takes to Succeed

General Session

What if you had a crystal ball to see into the future, allowing you to glimpse the skills you’ll need to thrive amid changing workforce dynamics and expectations? Your education and experience prepared you for today, but you may need something different for tomorrow. Pulling from research in the Work 2035 report, you’ll learn how work models may change, and how (like the technology we interact with), you’ll need more adaptability, self-monitoring, and resilience to thrive amid change. (And you’ll be able to identify the skills you should look for in candidates, too.)

In this session, you will learn:

  • About anticipated future workforce scenarios and what leaders anticipate for our future based on the Work 2035 report, which was released in September 2020
  • How to map future scenarios to the skills needed to succeed as the way we work changes
  • How to assess your own readiness in these skill areas and identify one thing you can start doing differently today to be more ready for the future