VP Talent Management & Corporate Responsibility

12:45 pm

12:45pm-1:20pm EDT Inclusive Talent Management

General Session

Why is workplace inclusion important and how talent management is evolving? Karin Raguin, VP of Talent Management & Corporate Responsibility at LVMH will discuss how allyship, advocacy and a strong sense of community are key ingredients to moving the needle for long-term change within organizations. It is vital to understand the changing dynamics of employees and workplace environments in order to inform how leadership can best integrate and encourage inclusive talent management in organizations. By looking at how LVMH is evolving workplace culture to engage a new generation of talent through various initiatives, we will highlight how brands can support each and every employee so they can excel in their job and be successful in their personal lives. This presentation will also touch on how the global pandemic impacted our efforts to integrate diversity and inclusion in our workforce and learning lessons we can take away from this experience.