Co-Founder & President

12:35 pm

12:35pm-1:10pm EDT Coaching & Bi-Directional Feedback: How Individualized Support Empowers Managers and Employees in Critical Conversations

General Session

Creating a culture where feedback is effortlessly given and received is never easy. Professional coaching provides a safe space for employees to practice giving and receiving feedback to prepare for critical conversations. When organizations can provide coaching to employees at every level, managers and employees can both feel empowered in a feedback dialogue. Retention and engagement are essential- Bi-directional feedback supports mutual respect, trust and transparency between employees and reduces attrition and employee discontentment. 
In this session, you will learn: 

  • What is professional coaching and who is the best candidate 
  • How bi-directional feedback is creating a transformational paradigm shift 
  • How soft skills becoming the new hard skills