Former Owner/Instructor
California Health & Rescue Training

9:50 am

9:50-11:20am- “Hot Work Safety” Kindling a Safe Workplace Instead of Igniting a Catastrophe

General Session

Hot Work is performed in thousands of industries every day in this country. Due to the inherent risk of explosions or fire, specific regulations have been implemented to assure a safe work site. 

In this program we will look at the regulations and standards regarding hot work, we will review the components of a hot work permit, discuss the general work procedures and look at seven key lessons learned from recent incidents. In addition, we will do a comprehensive review of a recent incident resulting in CAL-OSHA citations and fines.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the hazards of Hot Work
  • Understand the regulations affecting Hot Work
  • Review the components of a Hot Work Permit
  • Understand the need for Hot Work Policies and Procedures
  • Discuss the components of Hot Work Policies
  • Review Case Histories of Hot Work Incidents