Chief Culture Officer
Lighthouse Research & Advisory

11:05 am

11:05am-11:50am Hands-on Workshop: How to Use Generative AI to Save 40 Hours of Work in 2024

Concurrent Session

One of the hottest conversations in the news over the last 12-18 months has been around ChatGPT and other similar generative AI technologies. But how do HR and talent development leaders benefit from this technology? In this working session, HR technology analyst George Rogers will share low-risk use cases and examples to help every attendee utilize these tools to reduce their workload, increase their impact, and expand their ability to support various employee needs across the organization.
Optional: attendees can bring a laptop or mobile device for live testing and participation.
Attendees will learn:

  • How to prompt and revise for the best results from GenAI tools
  • Five to seven different use cases across learning, hiring, total rewards, and more
  • What types of tasks are best automated by AI, and which should be reserved for humans