Enterprise VP

The Power of Purpose in a Culture of Well-Being

It’s been said that culture eats strategy. Culture can make or break the employee experience, and leaders have a responsibility to make that culture as inviting and engaging as possible. A focus on health and well-being can fuel your company culture, but there are challenges to meeting the needs of a diverse workforce in a meaningful way. A company needs a well-being culture compatible with their employees’ lives; it has to provide experiences that help them thrive over the long term. People need to feel supported, and they have to sense the commitment from their leaders.

Tim State, Humana’s Enterprise Vice President of Associate Health and Well-being, will help other human resources leaders better understand how purpose plays an important role in creating a company culture of well-being. Tim’s keynote session will use real-world case studies to demonstrate how inspirational purpose can guide organizations and individuals to new heights. He’ll share how to create and fine tune employee experiences that awaken possibilities and life-changing results.

Attendees will learn:

  • How leaders need to address diverse health and well-being needs when designing experiences that drive company culture
  • What metrics to consider and how to track progress and success.
  • How to design a feedback process where all employees have the opportunity to participate and feel heard
  • How to create a high sense of belonging and meet people where they are on their own health journeys


  • Tools that incorporate well-being into the employee experience to generate life changing results
  • Design tools for a feedback process where all employees can participate and feel heard