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Premium Membership


Premium Membership

I’m looking for a convenient and cost-effective option that will allow me to take advantage of HCI’s wide variety of unique learning opportunities.

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Industry-Recognized Certifications

I want to build strategic skills and earn an industry-recognized certification that will support my ongoing career growth.

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Virtual Workshops

I need to keep my knowledge and skills current and want targeted learning that optimizes the time and money I am spending.

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Human Capital Academy


Human Capital Academy

I’m looking for an immersive learning experience that will allow me to work at my own pace and help me prepare for a future HR leadership role. 

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Virtual Conferences



I like to stay plugged into the latest best practices and innovative ideas. I also like networking with my follow HR colleagues.

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Corporate Solutions


Corporate Solutions

I want to provide my HR team with the resources and learning opportunities they need to build credibility and accelerate my organization’s business strategy. 

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I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to professional development but am always looking for fresh ideas and insights that I can use. 

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Research & Resources


Research & Resources 

I love digging into the latest research. Examining the trends in the human capital space helps to inform the recommendations and decisions I make. 

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Learning Consultant


Learning Consultant

I'd like to talk with someone at HCI about my unique professional development needs to see how HCI can help me advance my career. 

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